Our Hardworking Committees

We aim to improve the district, promote the area and its members, bring in customers, and stimulate the economy all the while supporting the local community. Our dedicated Committees are all Volunteer run and meet throughout the year to discuss, plan, implement, improve and review initiatives.

Marketing Committee

Our Marketing Committee meets every month to discusses, plan and implement the many different promotions offered through out the year. The BIA utilizes the local radio stations, newspapers and Social Media campaigns to help promote events, specials, and community wide promotions such as ‘Customer Appreciation Days’, and ‘Passports to Shop and Win’.

This committee is also dedicated to the Downtown Chilliwack’s Web presence and maintains this website with all the up-to-date happenings for our community.

Special Events Committees

The Downtown Chilliwack BIA is known for its extraordinary, family-friendly events such as Party in the Park, Fortins Village Classic Car Show, and more. These events, often organized near Five Corners and Central Community Park, encourage people to visit Downtown and provide quality entertainment in Chilliwack.

Urban Design & Greening Committee

A matching grant program was developed for new and existing businesses to improve the exteriors of their store locations. Installing flower beds, lamppost banners, signage, and waste diversion receptacles is also the work of our Urban Design & Greening Committee.

Get Involved!

We always welcome feedback and encourage our local community to get involved. Call us at the office at 604-792-4576 or email us at [email protected] for more information on how you can make a difference!

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